Does Filtered Water Hydrate Your Skin? (We’ve Got Your Answer)

Skincare products often state how well they will hydrate, freshen or care for our skin. Many of us spend a lot of money investing in what will be the best thing to wash our faces, bodies and hair. But does the quality of the water make a difference as to how well it can clean our bodies and hydrate our skin?

The answer is, yes. Filtered water will hydrate your skin. Purified water is more effective for your skin’s health because, unlike regular tap water, it does not contain chlorine and other chemicals that will strip your skin of its natural oils.

Your skin’s health and appearance could easily be a reflection of the quality and quantity of water you use but there are some simple things you can do to make a difference to your skin that the rest of your body will also thank you for.

Why the skin needs hydration?

The human body is made up of up to 60% of water. The skin itself, the largest organ of the body, contains about 64% water. Hydrating your skin means increasing its water content. Hydrated skin will be smooth and radiant. It will have an even tone and reduced skin issues.

You may not be aware that your skin gets thirsty. The skin has such a high need for hydration because it is made of cells that are primarily made of water. Cells lose water throughout the day through physical activity and environmental pollution. If the cells are not being replenished with water, it can result in dehydrated, lifeless skin. Your skin will then be more prone to premature aging, fine line, wrinkles, and other skin conditions.

Water is an essential component in rehydrating the body and skin. Rehydrating can be done by drinking and using water topically. Many factors play a role in the quality of water you use for your skin, such as; is it hot or cold? flavoured or unflavoured? what else is in it? Many people don’t realise this most crucial aspect and are unaware that your home’s standard tap water is by no means guaranteed to be the best option for your skin.

It has become prevalent for people worldwide to buy filtered/purified/distilled water for drinking. The concern that is coming up more often in more recent years is whether the tap water you might avoid drinking is also harmful to your skin and hair.

How is water filtered?

Filtered water is similar to spring water. It originates from a natural source and then goes through minimal filtration. It is the water you are likely to find in a supermarket. Typically, it is sourced from natural sources, likes lakes or reservoirs, and then run through carbon filters to remove the chlorine. That is the reason why you find that bottled water tastes much better than tap water. Sometimes, it also goes through a micron filter and is ozonized before bottling.

Further to filtered water, you can get purified water. The process of getting water to be purified is similar to that of filtering. It has a few added steps, such as reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionisation. The end result is purer than filtered water.

Why is filtered water better for your skin?

Generally, both tap water and filtered water come from the same place. The main difference is that tap water contains chlorine, which is not the best for your body, but it kills microorganisms that could make you ill. Many people prefer filtered water over tap water because the chlorine has been filtered out.

Chlorine is a cheap way to treat water for mass consumption. That doesn’t make the water healthier or safer. If anything, it is a chemical that can be highly harmful to our bodies and an irritant to the skin. Combine this, for example, with hotter temperature water when you take a shower. The chemicals in the water can penetrate your pores more because the heat opens them up causing damage to your skin.

Here are a few more reasons why filtered water is better for your skin and health:

  1. It tastes better

You probably hear people saying you should drink water to improve your skin all the time. But most people can’t stand the taste of water, so they end up drinking unhealthy sugary drinks, which makes the situation worse. Filtered water tastes much better and even slightly sweeter, so it’s easier to consume. The better something tastes, the more likely you are to drink it.

  1. It improves digestion

Water helps to regulate your digestive system. Your body will process soluble fibres more easily and transport the nutrients and minerals you ingest more effectively. When all of this is combined, your body works more efficiently, and toxins are removed, making way for your skin to get the nutrition and hydration it needs.

  1. It prevents the harm of chlorine

Chlorine is readily absorbed through the skin. Chemicals like chlorine are naturally harmful to the skin because they can strip the natural oils causing dry, dehydrated skin. The same goes for the hair and scalp. If your scalp is dry and dehydrated, the roots of your hair will be damaged, resulting in dull hair and hair loss.

  1. It cleans better

Just like your mop cleans your floor better if it is clean itself; the cleaner the water, the better it can clean your skin. Purer water equals purer skin. Heavy water can irritate the skin resulting in redness and sensitivity. Regular tap water contains bacteria and minerals which can clog pores. Most people spend a lot of money on high-end skincare without realising that the water is the actual problem.

How to use filtered water for your skin?

Something to consider is that the pipes in your home might be contaminated with lead apart from chemicals like chlorine. Lead used to be a common material used to make water pipes, but it deteriorates over time. Lead in your water can be dangerous to consume and harmful to your skin. When water is filtered, all these impurities are removed.

These are some ways you can make use of filtered water to take better care of your skin:

This option can save you money in the long run and is also safer for the environment, decreasing the plastic waste of using bottled water. You can use it as needed for drinking water, showering, bathing, washing your food items, and also with when doing your washing. People often don’t realise the effect laundry methods have on the skin. You wear your clothes against your skin all the time. Harsh chemicals left on the clothing can impact your skin’s health. Cleaner, filtered water is likely to wash your clothes better and get rid of any detergent residue as well.

  • Use separate filtered water

If you cannot get a filtration system in your home, it is vital to take extra care of your face since it is the most exposed area of your body. You can use a jug filled with filtered water to wash your face over the bathroom sink on your non-shower days to avoid the chlorine. Another excellent way to hydrate your skin with filtered water is by filling some in a spritzer bottle – perfect for hot summer days!

  • Drink filtered water

In order to hydrate your skin, you need to hydrate your body. While there is no hard evidence to support drinking eight glasses of water a day, it is recommended you drink an adequate amount daily. Even just filtering your drinking water will reduce the amount of other chemicals getting into your body and effecting the hydration of your skin, If you don’t have filters in your home or at work, you can buy bottled water for drinking purposes.

  • Set the right temperature

It might feel like hot water is the best way to get everything cleaned out. In actual fact, you want the water to be lukewarm to room temperature. Cooler water is also actually fine. Hotter temperatures can be drying. If the water can be filtered too then so much the better as far as your skin is concerned.


Water is like magic. It does things for your body that you cannot even imagine. The important part is that our bodies will do better with filtered and purified water rather than chemical containing tap water. Without the damaging effects of the harsh water, you will notice your skin looking fresh, soft, smooth, and well hydrated. You will need fewer fancy products to fix your skin issues, and you will save money!

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