Planet Paleo Pure Collagen Hotties Review

Planet Paleo Collagen Hotties

Planet Paleo are an innovative company that produce collagen products that are in keeping with the principles of a paleo diet. They stock a range of powders including this range of ‘Pure Collagen Hotties’ which are naturally flavoured hot drinks that feature a therapeutic blend of easy to digest, grass-fed bovine peptides, minerals, herbs and nutrients.

They come in four varieties; matcha latte, turmeric latte, cacao magic and keto coffee. For about a month I’ve been making and enjoying a cup of the turmeric latte last thing before I sleep. I chose this one to try because I wanted to get the turmeric’s additional benefit and because I’ve enjoyed the flavour of turmeric-rich golden milk in the past and thought that this might be similar.

You get 25 servings of about one heaped tablespoon of powder in one tub. You add the powder to 200ml of hot water or milk, and it quickly makes a tasty hot drink. In each serving, you get 5g of collagen hydrolysate which is bovine collagen that’s been broken down into short chains of amino acids so your body can use them more conveniently. They’re sourced from South America and come from free-range cattle.

You also get 2g of organic turmeric and several other beneficial ingredients, including coconut milk powder, cinnamon, ginger, orange peel powder, vanilla, cardamom and black pepper. Some of the ingredients are listed as organic, but there aren’t any certificates or further information to verify them.

In the past, I’ve used collagen capsules and collagen-boosting supplements but never a drink powder, so I was keen to see how I got on with it. I started using it without any expectations as to its effects but was just eager to see what would happen. I wouldn’t mind better skin and nails, but I don’t see my hair growing back anytime soon, so that’s probably a lost cause.

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Who are Planet Paleo?

Planet Paleo is a UK brand founded by nutritional therapist Ben Shouler. His interest in ancient remedies and traditional medicine led him to start a company that embodied the meeting of these two sets of principles. He felt that people who follow a paleo diet often focus on muscle meats and miss out on the nutrients in collagen-rich broths and gelatins.

The company quickly became a success and was praised for its commitment to ethics, sustainability and high-quality raw materials. As a result, Planet Paleo was given several awards, including a 2017 win in the Best Beauty Supplement category at the Beauty Shortlist Awards and another in 2018 for the Best Health Supplement category.

With Planet Paleo, you can expect exceptional collagen from various quality sources and numerous other nutrients and ingredients. Their success comes from their attention to detail regarding the raw materials they use. For example, their bovine collagen only comes from grass-fed, free-range Nelore cattle, and their marine collagen is sourced from sustainably caught fish. Neither are ever exposed to contaminants such as pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Awards and Certifications

The Pure Collagen Turmeric Latte doesn’t have any official accreditations that I could find. However, another of their products the ‘bone broth powder’ is one of the very few collagen products to be organically certified and to come from farms that meet rigorous KRAV standards.

I would have awarded a higher score if: evidence was provided of official certifications for this product.

Ease of Use

The tub is sturdy and reasonably large with a screw cap. Because the opening was wide, it was easy to scoop out the powder each time. I found the instructions easy to follow, and the drink is ready in only a couple of minutes.

The texture is relatively smooth, but I did find it best to keep a spoon handy to stir it as you drink it. Just before you drink the whole thing, give it a final stir, this stops you from ending up with a lump of gritty powder at the bottom.

Although I found it easy to grab a tablespoon, it would be better if it came with a reusable scoop. That way, you could be confident that you had the measure correct.

I would have awarded a higher score if: there was a precisely measured serving scoop in the tub.


This taste is very similar to golden milk, a popular spicy turmeric drink. The spice blend also makes it almost identical to chai with a mixture of creaminess and spiced heat. There is a mild aftertaste that I think must come from the collagen; it’s slightly reminiscent of bone broth but without being meaty.

At first, I made the powder up with hot coconut milk and sugar, but after a few days, I switched to just adding hot water and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed its savoury aromatic taste.

I would have awarded a higher score if: there was no mild aftertaste.


After a month, I couldn’t tell if it had made a difference to my skin, nails or general collagen production. However, my general health had seen an improvement, and I was thoroughly enjoying my evening drink. This is the most potent collagen supplement I’ve tried in terms of its contents and additional ingredients; however, there are some out there that can reach up to 10g of peptides per serving.

Although I experienced some mild general benefits from this pure collagen, I think the best thing is probably to stick to it for a few months and keep track of the things you’re hoping to improve.

I would have awarded a higher score if: I’d seen a quick, visible improvement to my skin health and a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

Value for Money

At for the Ageless, one tub of Planet Paleo Turmeric latte costs £28 for 260g of powder that should last just short of a month. This isn’t the most affordable collagen product out there, but it’s likely one of the tastiest, and it has the added bonus of turmeric, ginger and black pepper.

Ideally, I’d have liked to see some faster results and some official certificates to verify the quality, but several studies on collagen reported that long term use of several months yielded the best results.

I would have awarded a higher score if: the price was slightly lower.

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This is a tasty collagen drink with the bonus of turmeric, ginger and black pepper. Each serving delivers 5g of high-quality collagen peptides, which are sourced from free-ranging South African cattle. You get 25 servings in one tub, which will likely last you close to a month. It makes a genuinely delicious treat for any time of the day. I felt a slight improvement in general health and mood, but I didn’t see a vast reduction in wrinkles and lines after just one tub.
Awards and certifications
Ease of use
Value for money
5g of collagen peptides per serving
25 servings per tub
Additional ingredients including turmeric, coconut milk, ginger and black pepper.
Delicious natural flavour
No added sugar
Sturdy, easy to close tub
Made from exceptional raw materials
Has a slight aftertaste
No third-party certificates are published.
Planet Paleo Collagen Hotties