Performance Lab’s Multivitamin for Men Review

Performance Lab's Multivitamin for Men

Performance Lab uses cutting edge techniques to create precisely formulated vitamins that your body can absorb quickly and to significant effect. The Nutrigenesis Multi for Men contains over 25 vitamins and minerals chosen for their role in maintaining and optimising men’s health.

They recommend that you take four capsules a day, and in one bottle you get a months supply of 120 capsules. In each serving, you get a range of highly bioavailable substances that Performance Lab say have been calibrated for men’s’ nutritional needs. I’m now reaching the end of the first month having taken the recommended serving of four capsules per day.

First impressions

Performance Lab is using every high tech trick in the book to produce a multivitamin that provides real benefits. The packaging and website are literally packed with information about their products, their technological approach and their official certifications. The packaging is clean and simple with a straightforward, professional label offering useful information about the contents.


In each capsule you get :

Vitamin A – 600mcg Iron – 2mg
Vitamin C – 60mg Iodine – 150mcg
Vitamin D – 25mcg Magnesium – 17mg
Vitamin E – 20mg Zinc – 15mg
Vitamin K1 and K2 – 100mcg Selenium – 125mcg
Vitamin B1 – 8mg Copper – 1.5mg
Vitamin B2 – 4mg Manganese – 2mg
Niacin – 20mg GTF Chromium – 120mcg
Vitamin B6 – 4mg Molybdenum – 75mcg
Folate – 668mcg Potassium – 33mg
Vitamin B12 – 50mcg Inositol – 25mg
Biotin – 300mcg Boron – 1mg
Pantothenic Acid – 20mg Vanadium – 10mcg
Calcium – 18mg

Every ingredient is supplied with biological cofactors that allow your body to recognise it as food and absorb it quickly. They are contained in Nutricap which is a vegan capsule made from fermented tapioca.

Who are Performance Lab?

With facilities in both the US and the UK, Performance Lab supply their supplements to customers all over the world. Each product is meticulously designed to provide optimum nutrition and then tested throughout production to produce potent, safe products.

Research shows that whole food grown today contain only a small portion of the essential nutrients than they did several decades ago. Performance Lab uses a patented technique called NutriGenesis to create active ingredients in a lab in a similar way to how they’d be produced in nature.

Production of the beneficial substances is stimulated in single-celled organisms like yeast, resulting in versions that are more effective than synthetically produced vitamins and minerals. Most of their range is free from GMO, soy, allergens, gluten, synthetic additives and suitable for vegans. 

Awards and certifications

The level of authorisation and verification from official industry bodies is beyond anything that I’ve seen from any brand before. They are also certified by the Natural products Association and are European Supplement Commission compliant.

On their website and the website of their manufacturing arm Optinutra, they detail molecular level testing that is conducted at multiple stages to ensure that each product is up to scratch. They also say that they employ a third-party to verify their results and verify their standards. 

The manufacturing arm, Optinutra is FDA registered, certified as achieving the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and has a USDA organic certification. Many of these claims are backed up by logos or relevant certification numbers.

Performance Lab mention that they commission third-party lab tests, but I could find no examples of the results or further information about any quality analysis that is conducted. Some companies are reluctant to provide this information publicly but I believe that it is important that customers can verify the content and quality themselves.

I would have awarded a higher score if: There was a copy of the third-party analysis available for customers to view.

Ease of use

These multivitamins come as large capsules, but despite their size, I found that a couple at a time washed down well with a small mouthful of water. The details provided on the packaging are informative and have enough detail. The bottle closes securely and I felt confident to take it with me in a pocket, although it would benefit from a child-safe cap.


The capsules have no noticeable flavour and added no taste to the water as I swallowed them.

How effective are they?

Across the month that I tried these, I felt that they had a noticeably positive effect. After two weeks, I began to realise that I felt a little like I was getting some good nights sleep, even though my sleep pattern remained the same.

The difference with this product is the effort that’s been taken to make every ingredient count. The formulation of each item meant that it could act quickly. With standard, synthetic tablet vitamins, I never really noticed an effect, but within the month, I was sure that these were affecting me positively.

Value for money

One bottle of 120 capsules costs £29 plus shipping, which is a reasonable price for a premium multivitamin. Whether a product like this is good value comes down to one thing ‘does it provide results for you?’ For me it did so I would happily pay that again for another bottle. If you want to get a longer supply, Lab performance offer deals on multiples of the bottles with a small discount.

How vitamins and minerals affect you depends on what your body needs at the time. Because of the declining nutrient value of many foods, most of us would likely find the right multivitamin a useful addition to our daily diet.

Paying less for cheaper vitamins can result in purchasing products that never dissolve properly or simple pass straight through to make expensive urine. With these, I was happy with the price because I felt that more was actually being used in my body.

I would have awarded a higher score if: it was a little more affordable.

My Supplement Recommendations

These are products that I currently use and enthusiastically recommend:

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NootropicMind Lab Pro contains eleven natural nootropics that have been proven to support cognitive function and brain health. Read my review.

CollagenEdible Health Bovine Collagen. This excellent bovine collagen powder is completely tasteless and absorbs quickly into any liquid.  It’s third-party lab tested and provides 13g of collagen per serving. Read my review.

Turmeric – VitaBright Organic Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper. These turmeric capsules are organic, effective and affordable. They include black pepper to enhance curcumin absorption and ginger to provide additional useful benefits. Read my review.

Incredible valueG&G Vitamin 28 day packs This is the most affordable way to buy supplements in the UK. One tub holds 28 daily packs of up to 11 different vitamins, minerals or food supplements.

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The NutriGenesis Multi for Men from Performance Lab is packed full of vitamins and minerals. They come in a fast-dissolving vegan capsule, making them super convenient to take wherever you are. A patented technique is used to make sure that each item is in its most active form and can be quickly used by your body. In one bottle you get 120 capsules which should last you for one month.
Awards and certifications
Ease of use
How effective are they?
Value for money
Made with highly bioavailable ingredients
Specially designed to provide men with essential nutrition
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Certified organic
Free from allergens, banned substances, soy, synthetic additives, caffeine and gluten
Manufactured to GMP standards
The price might be beyond some budgets
Performance Lab's Multivitamin for Men