G & G’s Coenzyme Q10 100mg Capsules Review

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G & G vitamins produce an impressive range of over 140 products. They provide a variety of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oils, organic whole foods and botanicals. Each one has been made in accordance with their guiding principle ‘make it right or don’t make it at all’.

These capsules contain 100mg of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) as ubiquinone in a vegetable cellulose shell. As with all of G &G’s supplements they contain no artificial binders or fillers to take up space, instead, rice flour is used to bulk out the powder and fill the capsule. The packaging is a lightweight, clear, green plastic bottle with a professional and straightforward, silver-trimmed label.

In a bottle, you get 60 capsules which is a two month’s supply. CoQ10 is a substance that occurs naturally in your body and is involved in the energy-producing reactions that take place in your cells. CoQ10 supplements are primarily used by those who believe they have low levels of it. Still, others believe it to have useful, general health benefits, including an increase in energy and fewer headaches.

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Who are G & G?

Founded in 1965, G & G vitamins are one of the UK’s original supplement manufacturers. They aim to produce the purest, high-quality products while keeping them affordable for those who need them. Everything they create starts by being formulated by a nutritional therapist. Then research and testing are conducted to find the very best ingredients and how they provide the optimum effect.

Each of the products made at G & G has been designed to genuinely help their customers and not follow fad diets or health trends. Each active ingredient has been carefully researched and then sourced in the way that creates the best results and to the best amount to provide a therapeutic effect.

You won’t find any tablets from G & G because they are inefficient and don’t meet their strict standards for absorption and bioavailability. To allow everyone to access their products and have good health and wellbeing, most of their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being allergen friendly.

Awards and certifications

G & G hold several relevant certificates and awards to demonstrate the quality of their full product range. They include a certification that they are following the rigorous standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) awarded by the Health Food Manufacturers Association. 

All their products come under their organic certification from the Soil Association. The vegan society also accredits them for the proper production of vegan and vegetarian supplements. Throughout the production process, AIB International conduct monitoring of quality and safety with regular analysis.

 I would have awarded a higher score if: They made details of the analysis available to verify the contents and safety information.

Ease of use

Capsules have got to be one of the easiest ways to take supplements, and these were no exception. They are orange and slightly smaller than other capsules I’ve tried, so I had no trouble swallowing them with a mouthful of water.

They hold powder, so there is no potential for leakages. The bottle secures well, but I felt it could be sturdier, and my personal preference is that all food supplements should be in containers with child-safe caps. 

On the label, I found lots of useful information including details about CoQ10, directions for use and a suggested daily serving. Supplements taken orally often take longer to reach your bloodstream than if held under your tongue as a liquid. However, G & G have done everything they can to ensure its quick absorption, including never using tablets.

I would have awarded a higher score if: the bottle had a child-safe cap.


Some vegetable cellulose capsules I’ve tried have had an odd, musty flavour, but not these. Each capsule was as close to taste-free as you’re likely to get.

How effective are they?

With some supplements I’ve been able to notice the effect immediately, others have taken several months to produce a measurable result. Because the effect of CoQ10 can depend on your need for it, I found it tricky to tell if it was effective. I’d heard that it can be useful for headaches, so I was disappointed to notice a slight increase in pain over the first couple of days. However, over the month I tried them, I did see a general reduction in the intensity and frequency of my headaches.

I would have awarded a higher score if: I had experienced a more potent effect.

Value for money

Sixty capsules, each holding 100mg of CoQ10, will cost you £18, which works out at 30p per capsule. In total, you get 6000mg of the active ingredient. The price is affordable and lower than several of G & G’s competitors. Although I would like to see more information about the source of the ubiquinone, and a slightly more secure bottle, these are good value.

Following my month with these capsules, I feel they may be of better use to someone low in CoQ10 and not if you’re looking for general benefits or an energy boost. If you have low levels of CoQ10, these are the best I’ve found, but if you want generally better health, it’s worth looking out for a good multivitamin with CoQ10 in rather than purchasing separate capsules.

I would have awarded a higher score if: I felt they had a general benefit for everyone and not just those low in CoQ10.

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G & G's Coenzyme Q10 100mg Capsules
G & G's CoQ10 capsules are an easy way to top up on the useful enzyme. They are a high-quality, product made to rigorous standards. I found them easy to take, and the size made them easy to swallow than some larger capsules. They come with lots of assurances from awards and certifications and the years of experience held by the company. This is an excellent all-round product of particular use to those who are low in CoQ10.
Awards and certificates
Ease of use
How effective are they?
Value for money
Easy to swallow capsules
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
60 capsules for £18
Certified organic by the Soil Association
Manufactured to GMP standards
No details about the source or production of the active ingredient.
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