Where to Find Vegan Food Online UK

In the last few years, more and more vegan food options have become available. Supermarkets, fast food chains and restaurants have added to their ranges and now stock a growing number of plant-based meals, condiments and desserts.   

However, despite the wider choice, there are still lots of vegan foods that you won’t be able to find unless you have access to a specialist supplier. This often involves spending ages hunting around local shopping areas or online.   

In this list, we’ve narrowed down some of the best UK places online to find great plant-based food. Here you will find sites to visit if you’ve got something specific in mind, but as a bonus, most of them will also provide your usual items at bargain prices.

Vegan and ‘Specialist Food’ Supermarkets  

Easily accessible online, there are a small number of large online stores who provide lots of specialist food options, including plant-based goods. When I first discovered an online vegan supermarket, it was a revelation. Before, I felt restricted to what I could find locally, but these stores showed me that I didn’t have to settle for second best, I could get exactly what I wanted, delivered to my door.   

The Vegan Kind Supermarket  

The Vegan Kind stock an incredible range of everyday items as well as some extraordinary things that are hard to get anywhere else. Their fresh, vegan doughnuts are incredible, and I always end up here to get my favourite cheese from Green Vie.   

As an extra sweetener, you can get an additional 10% off your first order by signing up for their newsletter. When you open a new store account, you are automatically entered into their loyalty scheme and will earn extra points towards money off your shop.  

Visit The Vegan Kind Store  

The Vegan Store  

With an impressive range that’s expanding all the time, the Vegan Store divides its stock into Healthcare and Beauty, Confectionary and Food Cupboard. I’d like to see a few more food cupboard items in here to make the most of my order, but if its sweets and vegan treats you’re after, then this is the place.  

The shipping is free for all orders over £50. By subscribing to their mailing list, you will receive exclusive’ members-only’ coupons direct to your inbox’.  

Most orders of more than £65 receive free shipping to the UK mainland, and an extra, surprise item will be added.  

Visit The Vegan Store 

Alternative Stores  

Alternative Stores provides an excellent blend of vegan alternative products and other great plant-based items that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else. Their range is one of the best I’ve seen and covers much more than just food items.

Their categories include; food, shoes, pet, health & beauty, household, gifts and much more. I spent far too much time staring at their selection of crisps and snacks including some fantastic hummus chips.  

Sign up to their newsletter for information on their latest offers and 10% off your first order. Most orders above £55 receive free shipping.  

Visit Alternative Stores 

Buy Wholefoods Online

For an incredible range of dried, wholefood products, start here. They have everything from seeds and nuts to digestive probiotics and minerals. While not specifically a vegan store, their products are plant-based, and you are likely to find some incredible natural products here that you won’t get anywhere else.  

Buy Wholefoods Online always have a selection of special offers available and will deliver any order over £30 to homes or businesses on the UK mainland free of charge.  

Visit Buy Wholefoods Online  


GreenBay is a dedicated vegan store with a mix of fresh goods and cupboard staples. They are a great place to get all your favourite vegan brands as well as the occasional new item.

This is one of the best online supermarkets I’ve found so far and it has a product range that matches that of most physical supermarkets. With one visit here you will be able to get everything on your list without needing to go anywhere else.  

Delivery is free for all orders over £60.  

Visit the GreenBay Store 

Planet Organic  

Specialising in organic produce, here you can choose ‘shop by lifestyle’ and browse through nearly 3,000 vegan food products. While they stock nearly everything you can think of, Planet Organic is particularly good for vegan baby food and ingredients for baking.  

If you sign up to their newsletter, you get first to look at new deals and 10% of your next order. You can get free standard delivery for all orders over £50 or £6.95 for next day delivery.  

Visit Planet Organic

Ethical Superstore  

Packed full of ethical products this huge site also stocks lots of plant-based options including brands like Suma and Biona. The handy category links make it easy to just look through the vegan options. This is a great place to go for milk alternatives and breakfast cereals.  

If you spend more than £50 and select standard delivery, there will be no shipping charge. They also have a reward scheme that gives you points for every purchase and allows you to earn money off your shop.  

Visit the Ethical Superstore

Real Foods  

This is an ethical food store with a wide range of everyday groceries and speciality items. The majority of their food is vegan, but there are filters that you can use with the search function to help it return only vegan items. This isn’t the most straightforward system to find what you are looking for, but the wide selection makes it worthwhile persevering.  

Orders usually take between 3 to 6 working days to arrive and if you spend more thtan£39 all deliveries to addresses on the UK mainland are free.  

Visit Real Foods

Supermarkets With Vegan Products That Can Be Bought Online  

These are Supermarkets with a variety of plant-based foods that can be purchased online for home delivery. However, unlike the Vegan online supermarkets, you will only be able to place an order if there is a store nearby and if your order reaches the minimal amount for delivery.  


Ocado is a dedicated online supermarket that used to be associated with Waitrose and is now a collaboration between Marks and Spencer Group and Ocado Group. If you select the ‘Browse shop’ tab, then ‘Free from and Organic’ you will see a Vegan and Vegetarian option. From there, you can choose only Vegan food. The range is incredible and exceeds that of some Vegan only stores. You will find several big brand vegan alternatives like vegan Magnums and other lesser-known plant-based items.  

Deliveries can be arranged for most UK addresses, but you must sign up and book a delivery time first. There is a minimum order limit of £40, and the cost is between £2.99-£6.99 or free is you spend over £75 on Wednesday. It’s cheaper if you choose to have your order delivered in the early morning or late evening.   

For a bonus, you can sign up to receive their electronic marketing and get a 25% discount on your first order and 3 months of free deliveries.  

Visit Ocado  


A Tesco delivery requires you to be within delivery distance of a local store with an online service. If you are, you can select any of the vegan products available in store and have them delivered, or prepared for ‘click and collect’. Their range of vegan-friendly products seems to be growing daily and includes lots of fresh and frozen items. This is a great place to go for vegan basics and then look for the harder to find items at a specialist store.  

The cost of delivery depends on the time and availability of the delivery time you book. It can range between £1 to £7 with a minimum spend of £25, orders less than £40 will incur an extra delivery charge added of £4.  

Visit Tesco


Asda has just extended its plant-based range, and it is truly impressive. It’s available in-store, but if you live close by, you can sign up, choose a delivery slot and get in delivered to your door. Their products are great for the everyday meal basics. They have some excellent pizzas and snacks too.  

The minimum spend for delivery is £40 and delivery costs between £1 and £6.50. There are delivery plans you can sign up to, that will get you anytime deliveries for one-off payments.  

Visit Asda


Morrisons also offer an order online for delivery service and have an extensive vegan range. While they do have some excellent plant-based alternative products, it feels like a lot of their ‘vegan’ section has been bulked up by making sure any item that is free from animal products is included. This does make them easier to find when shopping, but it is also harder to see some of the specialist items that might be available.  

Delivery passes can be bought from £8 monthly to up to £65 yearly.  

Visit Morrisons


Sainsbury’s have always done well with their speciality and free-from range, and now they stock lots of plant-based goodies. With lots of chilled, frozen and ambient items to choose from, including some delicious tempeh, this is a good option.   

Delivery is available if you live close to a store that offers delivery. It costs between £1-£7, and the minimum order is £25 and free delivery is available for orders that exceed £100.  

Visit Sainsbury’s


Waitrose now provides a range of vegan dinners, dairy alternatives and vegan drinks. Stores that offer a delivery service will deliver your order completely free. The only catch is that there is a minimum spend of £60.  

Visit Waitrose

Other Helpful Resources   

If you’re not sure what foods are vegan, where to find high street stores that stock plant-based goods or need advice on how to go vegan, these are the places to visit:

The vegan society  

Here you can find advice on anything and everything vegan. There are lists of stores, restaurants and food brands that stock vegan items as well as information about how to ensure the food you’re eating actually is free from animal products.  

Visit The Vegan Society

The Happy Cow

This is an excellent resource to find vegan and vegetarian restaurants near you. Essential if you’re planning a meal out! 

Visit the Happy Cow  

Other Places to Get Plant-Based Food Online  

Surprisingly you can now find an increasing range of vegan food items, particularly sweets and confectionery, on Amazon and ebay.   

For super tasty, fresh vegan meals delivered to your door, you can now sign up to All Plants. You choose how many meals you want how often and they send them to you in a large box for you to unpack and eat or freeze.   

Holland & Barrett offer a wide range of seeds, spreads, health foods and confections in their vegan range which is also available online. They are a pioneer in vegan food and were one of the first places you could find it before the recent increase in popularity.  Vegan Wines Online and Vegan Wine Box, these don’t need any further explanation, not technically a food, but I couldn’t leave it off the list.   


Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to the incredible opportunities for getting great food delivered. Although the choice on our high streets and in supermarkets is getting better and better, it’s not the only option.

A visit to some of these stores can put outstanding food on your table in less than a day. Enjoy! 

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