Where Should I Put Lavender Oil to Help me Sleep?

The scent of lavender essential oil is a great way to relax you in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Still, it can be difficult to find an appropriate place to put it so that effects are noticeable and long-lasting.

For a restful night’s sleep, a few drops of lavender oil can be placed on the collar of your nightclothes or sprinkled onto a tissue and placed under your pillow. However, the best way is to use an electric diffuser; this mixes a few drops with water to create a fine mist that will last for hours.

It’s not just its pleasant scent that makes lavender useful when you want to go to sleep; compounds present in the oils also promote relaxation and reduce your heart rate. To make sure that you make the most of these benefits, you’ll need to put your lavender oil somewhere you can inhale it for as long as possible. We think that the best way is with a handy electric diffuser like the Eseoe from Amazon. Although for the best results, you may also want to combine it with several other methods.

How does lavender help you sleep?

Lavender was one of the first cultivated herbs, and there have been many studies to learn more about its relaxing effects:

It slows brain waves and reduces stressIn 2021, a pilot study looked at the effect that lavender essential oil had on participants who were already asleep. They noticed that inhaling the vapour increased the occurrence of the slow brain waves usually typical of deep sleep. Everyone who took part reported improved sleep quality and an increased sense of vigour while awake.

It may act as a sedative and relieves anxiety – Some studies conducted with animals have reported that lavender showed significant anti-anxiety effects. One even described its impact as being similar to that of diazepam; a sedative also used to treat anxiety. However, much more research must be done in this area before these results are considered to be conclusive.

It smells sweet and clean – The scent of lavender comes from the presence of chemicals called terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic substances found in the oils of many plants. Most lavender essential oils contain several terpenes, including linalool, myrcene and pinene. Together these provide a fresh scent that many people enjoy and describe as sweet, clean and calming.

The best lavender essential oil to use for sleep

I use this 100% lavender oil from Tisserand. It’s affordable, easy to order through Amazon, is certified organic by the UK Soil Association and contains no impurities. Tisserand uses a gentle steam extraction technique to get the best oils from French lavender. The oils are then blended in the UK to this beautifully aromatic oil.

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How to use lavender essential oil to improve your sleep

Lavender essential oil is incredibly versatile and you can use it in several different ways. These are a few of my favourite places to put it to help you sleep:

In an electric diffuser

Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a diffuser. Get this going about thirty minutes to an hour before bedtime. The smell will infuse into your space and create sensations of relaxation almost immediately. You can do this even if you need a nap during the day. Put the diffuser on your bedside pedestal or across your room if you want the scent to be more subtle. The scent of the lavender through a diffuser provides just the right balance for you to fully experience it and enjoy a relaxing sleep without it being too overwhelming.

To help you find the best diffuser for your home, I’ve reviewed several different types here – Best Essential Oil Diffusers UK


  • A few drops can last for several hours
  • The diffuser helps the scent to quickly fill the room
  • The oil is mixed with water vapour which can reduce nasal and sinus congestion


  • There is the additional expense of the diffuser
  • Some smaller diffusers are not powerful enough to fill a large room

Sprinkle lt it onto a tissue or handkerchief

You can sprinkle a few drops on a piece of tissue or facial cotton pad and tuck it under your pillow. The scent will linger but won’t be overpowering. Instead of applying it directly on your body parts, which can cause irritation, this way allows for a calming effect without becoming too strong.


  • This method gives you more control over how strong the scent is
  • You don’t need to buy anything other than the oil itself


  • The scent and effects won’t last as long as with a diffuser
  • The undiluted scent of the oil may be too strong.

Place several drops in your bath

If you love nighttime baths, put a few drops of oil in your warm bath. There is almost nothing more relaxing than a nice, hot, well-scented bath! Many people love a bath before bed because of its naturally relaxing benefits. But adding lavender to your bath will only prove to be the cherry on the cake. The smell automatically enters your senses while breathing, and the oils can actually help relax your muscles, so you get two times the benefits.


  • The oil in the water relaxes your muscles and prepares you for sleep.
  • The water will dilute the scent preventing it from being too strong.
  • You can mix this with other methods. Why not take a lavender bath then go to sleep with an electric diffuser in your room?


  • You might not want to take a bath every night.
  • The lavender is only present during the bath.

Place a few drops on your pyjamas

Put a couple of drops of the essential oil in the collars of your pyjamas if you have any. It will allow the smell to linger all night, and you needn’t have to worry about leaving for work smelling like lavender. This is a method to avoid application directly on your body while still being strong enough to breathe in throughout the night.


  • The oil’s scent is likely to last longer on clothing than on a tissue.
  • You don’t need to buy anything other than the oil itself


  • The scent and effects won’t last as long as with a diffuser
  • The undiluted scent of the oil may still be too strong.

Use an essential oil burner

If you have one of those candle burners with the oil bowl above, you can drop some oil in there and let that burn out before bed. (Don’t sleep with a burning candle!) or you could simply use a regular lavender scented candle. Burn it in the area of your home you will be before bedtime, like in your TV room, your bathroom if you are taking a bath, or maybe in your bedroom while reading your novel. It’s a lovely way to get a powerful yet subtle enough scent, and candles always make people feel homey and relaxed!


  • This will fill your room with the scent of lavender before bed.
  • Simple oil burners are often more affordable than electric diffusers.
  • Oil burners produce a stronger scent than electric diffusers and can quickly fill even the largest room.


  • Because you must put the burner out before you sleep, the scent may not last very long.
  • You need to buy an appropriate oil burner and you will need to keep a supply of candles.

Other lavender products to help with sleep

Besides lavender essential oil, there are other lavender-infused oils, creams, soaps, and different products on the market which you can use to help with sleep. Take a look at some of these examples:

  • Room sprays

Many people are huge fans of room sprays. Especially after cleaning and cooking, it just gives that extra touch to freshen up the home. You can use lavender room sprays in your bedroom to prepare you for sleep.

This lavender room spray from Absolute Aromas is an excellent natural option.

  • Linen sprays

Like room sprays, linen sprays are used for bedding, couches, and throw pillows to freshen up a home. You can use lavender linen spray to spray down your bed before sleeping. They will have ingredients more suited to be safe for your skin than a regular room spray for the air.

  • Scented lotions

Use a lavender-scented hand, foot, or body lotion at night. Rubbing cream into your skin or a little self-given foot massage can be highly relaxing by itself. Targeting those pressure points with lavender-scented lotion will increase the relaxation feeling far more.

  • Scented body oils

If you love body oils more than lotions, or maybe you prefer both, then why not apply some nourishing lavender body oil? If you have a kind enough partner to massage you down before you go to sleep, that would be even better. You could also visit a massage therapist once in a while and ask them to use lavender oil or take your own.

  • Scented soaps and bath products

An excellent tip is to change up your shower and nighttime toiletry products to lavender-scented ones. Make sure to use your regular products in the mornings or daytime. That will help your brain distinguish between night and day and which scent is relaxing instead of energizing. This is an excellent idea for helping babies to determine night and day as well!

  • Laundry detergents

You can wash your duvet cover, sheets, and pillowcases, basically, all your bed linen in special lavender-scented laundry detergents. You can do the same with your nightwear. Wash your other laundry in a different or non-scented detergent. Like toiletries, it will trigger your brain to distinguish when you are near those items that it is bedtime. That will automatically relax you get your mind ready for sleep.

  • Fresh lavender plant

Keeping a lavender plant in a pot in your room is an excellent way to add a natural lavender scent. However, it requires regular upkeep and the scent may not be as strong as products that contain concentrated oils.

Can lavender can be harmful?

Anything can be harmful in some way or the other if you are not safe enough or not using it appropriately:

  • You should not apply lavender essential oil directly to the skin. If applied directly, it can irritate the skin leading to itchiness, redness, or rashes, especially if you already suffer from sensitive skin.
  • If you have sinusitis or any allergies, strong scents can be overpowering and trigger issues. You can develop headaches, sneezing, congestion, etc. Always determine how much you can handle and how close you can be to the scent.
  • Never ingest essential oils or apply them to sensitive areas such as your eyes. If you find yourself reacting to lavender, seek help from your medical professional immediately.

You should never use lavender in place of professional medical help. If you regularly struggle to sleep, talk to your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions.

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