The 7 Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements UK

Most people associate inflammation with a sprained ankle or redness around an infected cut. However, inflammation can also be a chronic and generalized condition that can cause or exacerbate many common illnesses. Happily, there are several excellent natural anti-inflammatory supplements on the market today.

To help you choose the right one for you, we have put together a list of the best in the UK.

What is Chronic Inflammation?

When your body is damaged or infected, your immune system increases blood flow to the area and increases the production of antibodies and proteins. This inflammation causes the area to swell as healing takes place.

Sometimes the inflammation remains even after the initial damage has gone. This is known as chronic inflammation and it can play a role in several health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer and arthritis. Treating the inflammation will not cure these conditions, but it may mitigate or slow down the damage.

What Happens if Chronic Inflammation is Not Addressed?

If you do not address chronic inflammation, it does not simply mean that you will have to live with the discomfort. It can actually become quite a serious problem.

Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and gouty arthritis are conditions that arise from the body’s production of an almost constant inflammatory response. Furthermore, chronic inflammation can lead to tissue and DNA damage, increasing the risk of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Are the Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation?

Acute and temporary inflammation is a healthy part of the body’s immune response when it occurs. However, if it continues for more than a few days or weeks, it can become a chronic problem.

Signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation are more subtle than those of acute inflammation. They include:

  • Fatigue
  • Rashes
  • Fever (it may be continuous or come and go seemingly at random)
  • Body pain
  • Mouth sores
  • Headaches
  • Muscle stiffness

What Ingredients Should be Included in a Good Anti-Inflammatory Supplement?

Antioxidants, such as alpha-lipoic acid, resveratrol, vitamin D, and zinc, are excellent for treating chronic inflammation because inflammation has been linked to oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body.

Fish oils, ginger, turmeric, and curcumin are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is a component of turmeric; several studies have found it to be an effective way of reducing inflammation.

Before You Take an Inflammation Supplement, Speak to Your Physician

Inflammation supplements can interact with various medications and can complicate certain medical conditions, particularly autoimmune disorders. There is also the potential that these supplements can cause complications during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Anti-inflammatory supplements are commonly considered by people with chronic conditions who may be on other medication. You should not take any supplements without first discussing it with your doctor or the specialist who is managing your case.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplements in the UK

According to our rigorous selection criteria, we have carefully chosen the best inflammation supplements available in the UK:

1. G&G Super Antioxidant Plus

Antioxidants are an effective treatment for chronic inflammation because it involves the build-up of various reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the body.

G&G Super Antioxidant Plus contains 14 antioxidants, including alpha-lipoic acid (50 mg), turmeric extract (40 mg), and zinc (3 mg). This makes it a great choice of inflammatory supplement, even though it is marketed as an anti-ageing product.

It also contains L-Glutathione (100 mg), vitamin C (100 mg), grape seed extract (40 mg), turmeric extract (40 mg), vitamin E natural 50 iu (33.6 kg), pine bark extract (30 mg), co-enzyme Q10 (20 mg), bilberry extract (10 mg), green tea extract (10 mg), manganese (3 mg), vitamin A 1000 iu (300 ug), and selenium.

G&G Vitamins are a well known UK company whose products I’ve used for several years. Their formulations are simple, effective and high-quality. They also offer some of the best value I’ve found anywhere.

The multitude of vitamins, minerals, extracts, etc., are all packaged together into 60 vegetable cellulose capsules. The capsules are free from wheat, gluten, lactose, added sugar, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavours. G&G recommend taking two of these capsules each day with your main meal.


  • Affordable
  • They’re approved as kosher
  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.
  • No wheat, gluten, lactose, added sugar, artificial preservatives, and artificial flavours.


  • They contain several other ingredients that are not specifically linked to reducing inflammation. If you are on any other supplements, you should be careful about overlap that would lead to you exceeding the daily recommended levels of these ingredients.

Visit for the Ageless to price and purchase a bottle of these capsules.

2. N2 Natural Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin + Piperine

N2 Natural Nutrition Turmeric Curcumin + Piperine is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and digestive supplement. Piperine is a very important addition to this supplement that contributes to its effectiveness as an inflammation supplement. This is because turmeric’s absorption is limited unless it is paired with piperine (found in black pepper).

There are 90 individual capsules in a bottle, and the N2 Natural Nutrition daily recommended dose is two capsules per day. This means that each bottle of Tumeric Curcumin + Piperine will last you for 45 days, which is a bonus because sometimes you forget to order your new supply at the end of the month. It is best to take this inflammation supplement with a fat-containing meal because turmeric is only lipid-soluble.

The daily dosage (2 capsules) contains 800 mg of turmeric, 95% curcumin and 2 mg of black pepper 95% piperine. The capsules are made from vegetable chlorophyll. Not only is this supplement vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, but they also comply with the standards of GMP (good manufacturing practices) and are cruelty-free.


  • The bottle lasts 45 days.
  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.
  • Cruelty and transgenic free.
  • Gluten-free.


  • This product does contain food colourants.

This turmeric supplement is available from Amazon UK.

3. Performance Lab Flex

If you have chronic inflammation located around your joints, then Performance Lab Flex is something you should consider.

It contains 250 mg of turmeric root (per dosage, which is two capsules), so it’s not the most intense supplement, but Flex does still have potent anti-inflammatory properties. It also has several other ingredients aimed at maintaining joint health and flexibility, which may prevent some forms of chronic inflammation in the first place.

The capsules are entirely plant-based, made from fermented tapioca (pullulan). The supplement itself is vegan-friendly and free from most common allergens, such as soy, egg, fish, and wheat, as well as synthetic additives, colourants, and preservatives. It is also non-GMO.


  • Can help to prevent chronic inflammation in joints.
  • Allergen-free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Vegan-friendly.


  • Doesn’t have the highest dosage of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Grab yourself a bottle of Flex from the Performance Lab online store.

4. Solgar Full-Spectrum Curcumin

If you are looking for an inflammation supplement that does not add other vitamins, minerals, etc., into your daily intake, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Solgar Full Spectrum Curcumin is an inflammation supplement that consists of only curcumin, albeit in three different forms: Full Spectrum Curcumin, curcuminoids, and curcumin. The Full Spectrum Curcumin is the most absorbable form of curcumin, and it is 185 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin form.

Each capsule contains 800 mg of Full Spectrum Curcumin, 48 mg of curcuminoids, and 40 mg of curcumin per capsule.

The capsules do not contain sugars, salt, and starches, so they are keto-friendly. Additionally, the capsules are free of some of the more common food allergens (wheat, gluten, soya, dairy, and yeast), as well as preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavours, and artificial colourants.

There are 30 easy to swallow Softgel capsules in each bottle, and Solgar recommends that adults take one capsule each day, preferably with meals. So, a bottle will last you the whole month.


  • Targeted inflammation supplement (only contains curcumin).
  • Highly absorbable with and 185 times more bioavailable than other curcumin forms.
  • No sugars, salt, or starch.
  • No artificial colorants, artificial flavors, dairy, gluten, preservatives, soya, sweeteners, wheat, yeast.


  • While the information on the purchasing site says that the Softgels are vegetable capsules, there are a few customers who report that they are actually made with bovine gelatin. This would mean that they are not vegetarian- or vegan-friendly.
  • This inflammation supplement is a little pricier than some of the others on this list.

Visit Holland & Barrett to purchase a bottle of Solgar full-spectrum curcumin.

5. Biocare Microcell Curcumin Complex

BioCare Microcell Curcumin Turmeric Complex doesn’t just manage inflammation; it also supports the immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular health and functioning, energy, and lung function.

BioCare recommend taking one cellulose capsule twice a day with meals. Each daily dose (two capsules) contains 700 mg of curcumin extract, 63.16 mg turmeric extract, 5 mg ginger root extract, 25 mg of pine bark extract.


  • Free of allergens, including dairy.
  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.
  • Contains multiple natural anti-inflammatory plant extracts.
  • Delivery in the UK is free when ordered from Bodykind.
  • You get a discount if you buy more than one bottle at a time.


  • This supplement is quite expensive, so it is not ideal for people with tighter budgets.
  • The product contains cellulose bulking agents and anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide and ascorbyl palmitate).
  • Not suitable for use if you are trying to fall pregnant or during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • There is no pepper in this supplement, so the absorption of the turmeric is limited.


6. Holland & Barrett High Strength Turmeric with Black Pepper

If you are looking for a simple inflammation supplement with no other ingredients, then Holland & Barrett High Strength Turmeric With Black Pepper is a supplement you should really consider.

Each daily dose (one capsule twice a day) will provide you with an incredible 1200 mg of organic turmeric and 10 mg of organic black pepper to make sure the turmeric is activated and absorbed efficiently and effectively. The capsules must be taken with meals that contain fats to ensure proper absorption of the turmeric.

Each bottle contains 90 cellulose capsules that are easy to swallow. Because you are buying 90 capsules, the bottle will last you for 45 days, so if you are a person who seems to always forget to re-order your supplements each month, then you have 15 days grace with this option. You can also buy a bottle containing 180 capsules.


  • Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.
  • Organic turmeric and black pepper.
  • 90 capsules in a bottle (45 days).
  • Very affordable.


  • The very high dosage of turmeric means that you have to be extra careful of overdosing or interactions with other medicines.
  • It is not always convenient to take a supplement twice a day.

You can purchase a bottle of Holland & Barrett’s high-strength turmeric supplement from their website.

7. Pukka Organic Turmeric Active

If you are looking for an organic inflammation supplement, then Pukka’s Organic Turmeric Active is a great choice. Not only does it reduce inflammation, but it also helps to strengthen the immune system. Pukka only uses herbs that are cultivated sustainably, and they have won numerous Great Taste awards, Soil Association awards, and Natural and Organic Product awards.

Each daily dosage (two capsules) contains 32 mg of turmeric root curcuminoids, which is the equivalent of 7600 mg turmeric root, and 27 mg of Triphala fruit polyphenols (another type of antioxidant).

The other ingredients of this supplement are nettle leaf, celery seed, Boswellia resin, red Ginseng root, calcareous algae, ginger root extract, and burdock root.

Pukka recommend taking one to two capsules each day before meals. The capsules are made from vegetable cellulose, and there are 60 capsules in a bottle.


  • Organic.
  • Free product delivery in the UK when you purchase from Bodykind.


  • The supplement contains anti-caking silicon dioxide.
  • The product does not contain pepper, so the turmeric absorption may be limited.

Visit BodyKind to price and purchase your Pukka Organic Turmeric Active supplement.

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