Alteya Organics Regenerating Concentrate

Alteya Organics have harnessed the natural power of the Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena). For hundreds of years, its stunning pink petals have been hand-picked and steam distilled to create the potent Rose Otto oil. Its most common use has been as a fragrance in perfume, but it now has an essential role in several natural skin care products. 

Winner of the 2018 Natural & Organic Judges Choice Award, Alteya’s Regenerating Concentrate is a nourishing serum made from a blend of natural ingredients, including Rose Otto, Aloe vera, Copaiba oil, Great Mullein and White Truffle extract.

Presented in black and gold, the 30ml bottle looks well-presented and has a style with a vintage edge that hints at centuries of tradition. This fragrant serum has some high standard to meet. Rose Otto has an excellent reputation as a skincare product, and besides, Alteya Organics claim that its effect will be visibly noticeable within 15 minutes. 

Who are Alteya Organics?

Alteya Organics are a family run company based in the Valley of Roses, Bulgaria. They started their skincare company in 1999 but have more than a century of family history picking the Damask rose. The petals are hand-picked during a short seasonal window, so their traditional knowledge has been crucial to producing the most exceptional rose products.

 This unique company create incredible artisan products, so they depend on precise attention to detail to make the most of every petal. To do this, they have perfected the fine line between modern, cutting edge methods and traditional practices. It takes 2000 petals to make one drop of oil, meaning that hours of work have gone into each of their products.

Natural Ingredients and Lab Analysis

The Alteya website indicates that all the ingredients are organic, free from chemicals and non-toxic. They claim to base this on externally verified lab and consumer studies, but there is no evidence of this on site. Links to certificates or awarding body websites should be available on the product page. As more and more “miraculous” products are brought to market, it’s essential to treat them with scepticism, until you’ve seen the evidence yourself.

Several labels included in the product description make impressive claims; however, I would like to see a link or reference that would allow me to see the documents myself. The labels show that it is BPA (Bisphenol-A) free, gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegans. While these look good on the site, what I want to see is the verification of Alteya’s organic status from a recognized European body.

Ease of use

The regenerating concentrate is a lovely product to put on. The smooth texture helps it to slide on to your face with a sense of joy that is unmatched by many other skin creams. However, the bottle that it comes in felt like a very odd choice. It has a lid with a spring-loaded pipette in it that seems more suitable for something you would put in your mouth. The pipetter works well, but I found myself pipetting small amounts on to my hand, wondering if I was doing it correctly.


The fragrance exceeded my expectations, it has a beautiful clean Rose smell that makes the whole experience even better. As with any essential oil, there was a strong sense of familiarity with the scent. It was the best combination of new and fresh with, reminiscent of something I would smell as passed my Nan’s dresser as a child.


From the moment I put this on my face, it felt great. It is slightly slimy but smooths on beautifully and absorbs into your skin almost immediately. My skin felt softer straight away, and over the weeks that I used it, my skin felt more youthful and rejuvenated. As yet, I haven’t noticed any visible changes other than a general softening and sensation of health and rejuvenation. I didn’t spot any significant wrinkle reduction or skin tightening, let alone within 15 minutes of applying it.

I didn’t find this lotion to be the most effective for removing lines or wrinkles, but it makes up for it in many other ways. It leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and my face quickly developed a visible glow. It also works well as a primer before applying makeup. Once you’ve rubbed in the serum, your make up will smooth on effortlessly. 

Value for Money

The price of a 30 ml bottle is about £55, which is a considerable amount for such a small container. However, Rose Otto is incredibly expensive because of the effort that goes into harvesting vast amounts of petals. My experience with this serum showed me that this is not a product that needs to be lathered on thickly every day to take effect.

You can apply it sparingly only when necessary or when you need an extra boost. This way, it lasts longer and acts as a special treat for your skin. While my face didn’t become entirely line free overnight, I felt better for using it and saw a general youthful look develop over time.

When seen as a treat, this is definitely worth the money. For me to buy another bottle, I would like to see some of the claims officially verified and the addition of a more natural method of application.

A refreshing serum with an incredible scent that will leave your face nourished and rejuvenated. Don’t expect an immediate reduction of wrinkles, but you will get a premium blend of natural ingredients that will add some sparkle to your smile.
Ease of use7
Potency/ effectiveness7.5
Value for money7.5
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Incredible smell
Winner of the Natural & Organic Awards Judges Choice 2018
Rejuvenates skin
Great as a makeup primer
Organic Ingredients
Slightly slimy texture
Applied by dropper/pipette
Alteya Organics Regenerating Concentrate

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