The Naked Pharmacy – Brand Review

The naked pharmacy is the UK’s first all-natural pharmacy. They fully believe that natural, full spectrum products are the best way to supplement a healthy lifestyle.

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They aim to provide the best of nature and back it up with science. All of their products are designed to deliver a dose of its active ingredient matched to current research. Many supplements found elsewhere provide a much lower dose than has been found effective by recent studies.

They provide a great product range to boost your well-being in a number of different ways. Each item is produced in Sussex from sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients.

In a field such as supplementation you can often spend large amounts of money with very little assurance. Not at the Naked Pharmacy. They provide supplements that have been created according to the latest research and fully tested on humans. Each product is 100% natural and is excellent value for money.

Their full range can be bought on their website, Amazon and can also be found in a number of high street retailers such as Lloyds Pharmacy and Neal’s Yard.


Free UK shipping is available for all orders over £15. Orders up to £15 will receive a £5 charge for the 48 hour service and £6 for next day service. Free UK shipping is 24 hours except for weekends and public holidays.

Global shipping is available. Check their website for prices.


All major cards are accepted or you can opt for Paypal.


20% off your first purchase is available when you sign up to their mailing list. There are a range of discounted products available on their site.

What customers say

The naked pharmacy have received a hugely positive response from their customers. The effort that they make to be up front and honest about ingredients and doses seems to translate to supplements that give real results.

“They made a substantial difference to my life.” A review by Meron found on Trustpilot

On trust pilot their current rating is 4 out of 5 from 7 reviews. As more reviews are posted I feel sure this will rise to 5. Reviews indicate that people view the company to be passionate, ethical and dedicated to their customers.

What they stock

They stock a huge range of all natural products. There are many capsules containing beneficial ingredients for a number of effects. They also stock skin creams and even teething relief for babies.

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My Supplement Recommendations

These are products that I currently use and enthusiastically recommend:

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CollagenEdible Health Bovine Collagen. This excellent bovine collagen powder is completely tasteless and absorbs quickly into any liquid.  It’s third-party lab tested and provides 13g of collagen per serving. Read my review.

Turmeric – VitaBright Organic Turmeric with Ginger and Black Pepper. These turmeric capsules are organic, effective and affordable. They include black pepper to enhance curcumin absorption and ginger to provide additional useful benefits. Read my review.

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