Affiliate Disclosure

To operate this site will require an income to ensure we can pay for web hosting, the writer’s time, products to review and general development.

We don’t believe that being paid for product placements such as advertorials is the way to go. This is often misleading as often you can believe you are reading a subjective review, when it has actually been written or paid for by the business themselves.

With that in mind we have decided to pay for the site through affiliate commissions.

What is an affiliate programme?

Affiliate marketing is a method whereby other people promote your products for you in exchange for sharing in money made on the sale.

For example, you visit site x, on site x they have a review containing a link to the reviewed product, so you click on the link and make a purchase. Site x which hosted the link will then receive a percentage of the sale, usually anywhere between 5-20%.

How this will work on Health and Wellness Reviews is not through banner ads, we find these annoying! We will place links within reviews of high-quality products that will be clearly marked as such. Then if you click and purchase based on our recommendation, we will receive a small commission.

Amazon Affiliate Program

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Surely, that is a conflict of interest?

Yes, it certainly can be, but at Health and Wellness Reviews we will always be very clear about the fact that we will make a commission from sales. You can see we have this disclosure on site. Also, we will state on the page if it contains affiliate links.

Not only are we clear about our affiliations but our guiding mission is to provide honest and reliable reviews. If we have a bad experience with a product or brand, this will be written up in the review and reflected in the final score.

On top of this you are always able to give your own reviews and feedback on all products. If you disagree with our ratings, you can tell us and give your own.

Free products

Sometimes we will be provided with free products to test. This will not guarantee a favourable review. Any company that asks for this will be politely told no thanks, we would rather pay and put a balanced and honest review online.

Anytime we receive a free product for review we will also add a line to the article to say so. It will usually read like this:

“This product was provided for free by X in exchange for us giving our genuine opinion to Health and Wellness Reviews readers.”

The Health and Wellness Reviews Team