About Us

Here at Health and Wellness Reviews we will provide you with the latest information on products, activities and tips to support your health and wellness.

Recent developments in the UK have sparked and increase in a awareness and supply of naturally sourced health and wellness supplements. People are aware that supplements are more than just multivitamins but there is very little information to guide them through the terminology and competing retailers.

We fully believe that supplementing a healthy lifestyle with physical, emotional and dietary supplementation can support health and wellness. However, there is often a disconnect between the suggestions and links made by studies and the products created and sold. Dosage amounts and delivery methods may differ in such a way that customers could pay money with no chance of gaining any of the benefits they hope for.

Some businesses are making a concerted effort to be transparent with everything they know and allow the customers to make informed choices.  Unfortunately, many are not which results in a marketplace full off fantastically beneficial products packaged and prepared in such a way that they will have little effect.

Our Mission

This is why we started Health and Wellness Reviews. Our mission is to be a source of information that is clear and easy to understand. We will try out products and give our opinions as to the quality, value for money and efficacy. We will use the latest research to advise on the most relevant preparations and dosages.

We will also look for the best ingredients and health promoting processes such as fermentation, Will look for lab reports and for compliance with UK regulation.

We will review the following using people who understand the industry:

Food supplements including powders, tablets, capsules, whole foods and great recipes.

Physical supplementation such as exercise, massage and relaxation.

Mental supplements like holidays, therapy and mindfulness.

Our Team

The team is made up of freelance writers, people who work within the UK health and wellness scene and most importantly you the consumer. We encourage everyone who uses this site to leave their own reviews, share the latest information and to tell us when companies let their standards slip.

Do you have a review suggestion? Send us a message.

The Health and Wellness Reviews Team.